"Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize?...Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. I therefore so run, not as uncertainly;" 2 Cor 9:24-26

A Definition of a Good Friend

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“Let those that fear thee turn unto me, and those that have known thy testimonies.” Psalm 119:79

The first word in this Psalm is ישובו (yasuvu) which is a verb meaning turn back, return. In this verse it is talking about human relations, returning to someone. The next word is לי (ly). I could not find a definition for this word. The word יראיך (yere’echa) is a verb meaning fear. In this verse it means to reverence or honor someone. It is a holy, proper fear.  The form of the word shows that means to fear You, that you being God. The word וידעו (veyade’u) is also a verb meaning know. The ו (vav) at the beginning of the word means and. The final word in this verse is עדתיך (edotecha) which means thy testimonies. These are God’s testimonies, His words in the Bible and those things He would have us do.

The Psalmist is asking that godly people return unto Him. I do not know why they had left him or if he is just asking for godly people to come to him for the first time. It is important for us to be surrounded by godly people. The people who are your friends, especially your close friends, will affect your character. It cannot be escaped. We must have good friends, godly friends who will build us up and push us closer to God. We should ask that these people come to us.

There are two characteristics that make up the people the psalmist wants around him. First, they fear God. To fear God is to honor and reverence Him. It is to be in relationship with Him and have HIm above all else. Much as been written about the fear of God and much is said about it in the Bible. It is being focused on God and always remembering that He is the highest authority and treating HIm as such. The second characteristic of these people is that they know God’s testimonies. If they know them and fear God, we can assume they are doing them. It does little good to have a mental knowledge of God’s testimonies. If we do not have experiential knowledge and heart knowledge they are next to worthless to us. We must do God’s testimonies, study His words and know what they mean so that we can really know God. As you do what God tells you, you better understand the character of God.

This verse defines what a good friend looks like. There is a lot more to a good friend then what is addressed in this verse, but fearing God and knowing His words is the basis for a good friend. It is important to have God-fearing people who know God’s testimonies around you, but it is also important that you are that type of person for others. Know God’s testimonies. Fear God. Encourage others.

Who are Your Companions?

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“I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts.” Psalm 119:63

Who your companions are says a lot about who you are and who you will be. Those you spend time with will effect who you are a year from now and even five years from now. We should be careful about who we make our close friends. I’m not saying we should not spend any time with people who are not solid Christians, Jesus ate with sinners, but we should be careful who we make our closest companions and best friends.

The first word in this verse חבר (chaver) which means companion, associate, fellow, implying likeness of character. You will start becoming like those who spend time with and will pick up things from them. The next word is  אני (ani) which means I. This is the Psalmist.

The word  לכל (lechal) starts with a ל (lamed) that means to. The main word means all, the whole. אשר (asher) is a connecting link with no equivalent in English. it is translated many different things, in this verse it is translated who or that depending on the translation you have.

יראוך (yeree’ucha) is a verb meaning fear, reverence, honor. We should fear God. This is different than being afraid or scared of Him. This type of fear is a reverence. I think few of us truly reverence God has He should be revered.

The word ולשמרי (nuleshomeri) begins with a ו (vav) that means and. The main word means to keep, watch, preserve. This is to keep God’s commands diligently and faithfully. This word has been used several times in Psalm 119 already and if you have been reading my notes you are probably familiar with it. The final word in this verse is פקודיך (phikudecha) which means thy precepts. These are the things God has prescribed for us to do.

The Psalmist tells us that his companions are those who reverence God and keep His precepts. That is who we should make our companions and closest friends. If we spend time with people who fear God and obey His word, we will find ourselves strengthened in our walk, they will encourage us and push us further. We also need to be that type of person for others and push them closer to God. When your companion is a godly, faithful disciple of the Master both of you will benefit and push each other closer to God. Be careful who you choice for companions. Make sure those closest to you are solid in the Lord. Bless others and receive blessings from them.

3000 Words

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That is, if each picture says a thousand words.

Friends. I am blessed to help at an After School Good News Club on Thursday afternoons. This past Thursday, I got to watch two kindergardeners show what real friendship was. I was inspired to take the above picture as I watched the one put her arm around the other showing genuine concern and care for her. It was sweet to watch, but that is what true friends do. They encourage each other, care for each other, and love each other in ways words cannot describe. Thank you to all of those who have been true friends to me! You mean more to me than I could ever tell you!

“The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the Word of our God shall stand forever.” Isaiah 40:8 (I love this verse. “the Word of our God” He is truly our God. We can claim Him!)

Things need to be plugged into these outlets if electricity is to flow through them, so too, we need to be “plugged in” to God if He is to flow through us. We get “plugged in” to God by spending time with Him, studying His word, praying, and letting His Holy Spirit live in us.

God is in Control!

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God is in control!

What a wonderful fact that is! It gives me confidence, strength and the will power to keep going. When you are living in the center of God’s will, letting Him control your life, you have an assurance that you can have no where else. It is wonderful and freeing.

I started thinking about living in God’s will and the fact that He is in control, yesterday when my best friend and I parted ways after spending a month together. I am very grateful to God for that month and was very sad to see if come to an end. However, I know that she is living in the center of God’s will and that it was His will that we part (in body) for the time being. That is a very comforting thought. I cannot complain if God does something. I do not have to worry about her, God is in control. He will bring us together again in due time. Although I miss her terribly, I am comforted by the knowledge that she is where God wants her and I am where God wants me. It is reassure to know.

Living in the center of God’s will is wonderful. I have confidence and strength in His will that could not have outside of it. It is really nice to know that God is in control of my life and that of my best friend. Are you in the center of God’s will? Does your best friend have the comfort of knowing that He is guiding your life? Let God be in control! It is will worth it!

Friendship Quote and Thoughts

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“Friendship is something that can’t be forced, it must be built.”

A friend of mine wrote that and when I read it earlier today it struck me as being very true. I know from experience it does not work to force a friendship. That is a pretty sure way of bring that friendship to a close. True friendships come by persevering and building that relationship little by little as you spend time together and come to trust each other more. Do not force your friendships, be patience and work to build them. True friendships are worth the effort. I speak from experience. When I was building my first true friendships, I almost gave up many times, but I am glad that I persevered and built those friendships. I am glad God brought those people in to my life and I would not trade those friendships for anything. Ask God to help you build friendships that are worthwhile and will last. Persevere, you will find it worth it, if they are true friendships.