"Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize?...Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. I therefore so run, not as uncertainly;" 2 Cor 9:24-26

Tonal Importance

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I was reminded today that your tone is reflecting in other people as you speak with them. If you are harsh, they will be as well. If you are gentle, they may follow suit. If you are laid back, likely they will seem laid back. It is important that we are careful about the words we choice and thoughtful about the tone in which we say them. Perhaps that is what it means in Colossians 4:6 when we are instructed to “let your speech be always with grace”. Our tone needs to be one of grace. We also in Ephesians 4:15 are instructed to speak the truth in love. Our speech should have the tone of love.

Take thought to what you say and also take thought to how you say it. 

You’re a Grownup when…

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  • You know there are many things more important than yourself.
  • You’re willing to say, “I was wrong.”
  • You’re attentive to the footprint you will have left on the world.
  • You make decisions that benefit all who are involved.
  • You forgive the carelessness of the young, and regret the thoughtlessness of your own youth.
  • You are willing to learn from others’ experiences and mistakes.
  • You finally realize you have no one to complain to.

Growing up is a choice you make by identifying your values and then acting accordingly; jettisoning the excuses while retaining your sense of humor.

I stumbled across this today and really liked it. I don’t know where it is originally from but I think there is a lot of truth in the points they make. Young people need to live out these principles and become grownups. The one thing I would add from personal experience is, You’re a grownup when you give up your own wants and desires to work for the best of those around you and under your care.

Warriors and Lovers

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A friend of mine posted this on her blog, For the Recognition of the King. She does a very good job of express some truths into words that most of us do not see or understand. It is well worth the read and I am very glad that she gave me permission to post it here.

Warriors and Lovers

A warrior lives deeply. He knows that life is short, that nothing is worth fighting over but some things are worth fighting for. You could accurately interchange the names Warrior and Lover because it is impossible to be one without the other. You can be a fighter, a killer, or a soldier without love but it is impossible to be a Warrior without love.

It is also impossible to love without being a warrior. You can have sex, you can like people, you can enjoy all sorts of things, but you cannot Love without being a warrior.

If you love, you are willing to sacrifice yourself in whatever way necessary and only a warrior’s heart is strong enough to be able to sacrifice itself. But if you are a fighter without a love to fight for than you are an uncontrolled and aimless weapon.

A warrior lays down his life either living or dying for those weaker. This is a great mystery, why do the strong die for those who are too weak to keep themselves alive?

Warriors see the world as it really is and so have hearts full of deep pain, this is what makes their eyes sad and grim. Pain is everywhere. They have the choice to close their eyes to it, but they can’t stand to be willfully blind. They must see clearly. They believe the worst can and should always be faced because the worst is only the inverse of the best.

They would go crazy with despair if this were all they see, but it isn’t. Remember, warriors are lovers and lovers see beauty when no one else can. Warriors don’t fight so much against the pain but ratherfor the beauty. Warriors know that pain is a fungus, living off of the beauty; it has no life of its own. Where some see only despair, they see hope. If the pain is so great, the beauty it is living off of must be even greater. This is what gives their eyes a smile, in spite of the horrors within and without that they continually live through.

If you don’t understand warriors, or are not one yourself, then you will think that they have buried all emotion. In fact denying their emotions is a common fault among them. The truth is that they are more emotional than everyone else combined but their emotions run deep, fathomless as the ocean. This is their one fear, that their own feelings will sweep them away and toss them about uncontrollably.

The wise overcome this fear with humility. If God would sweep them away on their own emotions then so be it. They are not foolish and hate to be taken as such, but if God would make fools of them with their own emotions then they would gladly face that fate too. They find instead that God does not make fools of them but gives them the very keys to become the warriors and lovers they live to be.

Far from their emotions tossing them about, they find that they propel them very precisely, that they give them greater strength and greater insight. To be unafraid of weakness is to find fearless strength. Do not think that this means you will ever see the depth of their emotions. It is just as likely that you will see the bottom of the ocean. In fact, they will still seem to be particularly unemotional, because they despair of ever truly communicating their emotions at all. You must see them by faith or not at all.

They feel sorrow so deep that it seems they could weep without stopping forever. But they cannot weep forever and any fewer tears seem so inadequate that they may seem to never weep at all. They also feel joy. Joy so encompassing, so true, so fulfilling that heaven itself will spend eternity celebrating it. But here, they have not the time or the means to celebrate it appropriately so in fact, you may only see a content smile and a twinkle in their eye. Joy and sorrow are not mutually exclusive to each other; they are usually full of both.

They feel hope, but this is no light hearted hope, neither is it a hope that wanes or waxes. It is the hope of those who die without obtaining the promises but are assured of what they hope for. They feel the strength of their own hearts. A deadly strength that only gets stronger as time continually assaults it. A strength that is capable of laughing in the midst of despair because it has learned that despair is a grim illusion that will vanish in a moment. They feel desperate but far from panicking, they become even calmer to compensate and so even more deadly.

They are full of compassion and will care for the wounded with a touch more gentle and tender than a Mother’s. Their hearts do not break for themselves, but for you. They are fierce protectors, fiercer than wild animals. Nothing is more dangerous than a lover at war.

Sometimes, they forget that they are not made to love or fight alone. Sometimes they forget that they too have weaknesses that need protection. Sometimes, they are so used to comforting that they don’t realize that they need comforting too. Sometimes they protect so fiercely that they begin fighting the very one they are trying to protect. Sometimes they forget that it is good for those who have healed to become warriors in their own right, that they should not be protected from becoming great.

Every weakness that appears in themselves they throw back to God and between His strength and the protection of those warriors around them, they are an invincible force. The faster they are slain, the quicker they will rise again and claim that God is victorious.

Truly, the spirit of a warrior-lover can only be found in one place and that is God himself. But he has made his bride to be worthy of a warrior as noble as he and so has given her no other spirit than his own.

My friend, I perceive that you are a warrior.

God’s lovingkindness as our Comfort

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“Let, I pray thee, thy merciful kindness be for my comfort, according to thy word unto thy servant.” Psalm 119:76

The first word in this verse is יהי. I could not find a definition for this word, but I am guessing based on the different translations of this verse that it must have to do with the word let. The next word in this verse is נא (na) which means pray or entreat.

The word חסדך (chasedecha) means thy goodness or thy kindness. It is talking about God’s lovingkindness towards humans. It is amazing that a Lord as big as our God would love us enough to care about each of us. God’s lovingkindness is an incredible thing.

The word לנחמני (lenachameeny) begins with a ל (lamed) which means for or to. The root word is a verb meaning comfort or console. The root of the word כאמרתך (ce’imeratecha) means utterances or words. The כ (caph) at the beginning of the word means according to. The final word in this verse is (take out later) לעבדך (le’avedacha). This word also begins with a ל (lamed) meaning to or for. The root word means servant or salve.

The Psalmist is entreating God to let His lovingkindness be for a comfort to Him. Why? Because of the words God said to His servant. It appears that God spoke with the Psalmist, His servant, and told him that His lovingkindness would be a comfort. God’s lovingkindness can be a comfort for us. It has been a comfort for me many times. When you are needing to be comforted or are going through hard times, pray and ask God to let his kindness be your comfort according to His word. His lovingkindness is seen throughout the Bible as a comfort for people, make it your comfort.

Exploring Adulthood

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What makes an adult? Many different factors make up an adult but I think one of the biggest is responsibility. Adults are responsible even when they do not want to be. I’ve been thinking a lot about being an adult and what it means.

Adulthood is not something you suddenly reach, it is something that is gained as you mature and grow older. Different people reach it at different times. A very few will be come adults during their teen years as responsibility is thrust upon them and they step up and take that responsibility. Some will reach it in their early twenties as they start facing life on their own. Most seem to reach it in their late twenties as they get serious about raising a family and building a good future. Few do not reach it until even later than that. Teenagers often do not realize that adulthood is something earned not attained by age. They want to be considered adults but are not willing to earn it.

So what is it that distinguishes an adult from an adolescent? It is the choice to take responsibility seriously and not shrink from it. It is the realization that you have to do what you are suppose to without complaining. It is the knowledge that the world does not run without work and that you have to do that work, day in and day out no matter what. It is putting others ahead of yourself and their interest before yours. It is a recognition of the fact that life is not fair and you cannot live based on fairness. It is reaching past petty emotions and being bigger. These are just some of the aspects that make up an adult.

Being an adult is looked upon as a something to be wanted. Something that is wonderful. It is not all that it is cracked up to be. Adulthood is hard, it can be a lonely life, a painful life, a weary life. There are many times you have to go when you want to stop, you have to do when you want to desists, you have to work when others are having fun, you have to work so others can have fun. Teenagers often do not see or realize this side of adulthood. They see the privileges and freedoms that adulthood seems to offer, but it only offers those because along with responsibility comes a knowledge of what you can or cannot do. Responsibility brings a balance to freedom. The pain and cares of adulthood also bring a balance to freedom. The freedom or privileges adults seem to have are not the carefreeness children experience. Often adults cannot exercise their so called freedoms or privileges because they do not have the time. They are busy taking care of others and their own wants and desires get pushed to the side. Teens often cannot except that side of adulthood and thus cannot earn the title of adult.

The world needs adults. Without them their would be chaos and nothing would get done. If you consider all that the adults in your life do and all the responsibility they take so that you can enjoy your childhood and your young adulthood, it is incredible. Adults keep things running, they take on the responsibility of seeing that things are done and people cared for. They help you have a good life. You should be thankful for that and do something to help them. The world needs adults but it is hard on the adults.

Young people need to make the hard decision to raise above themselves and take up the yoke of adulthood. They have to decided to accept responsibility, to do the work and then some day in and day out, to look out for others ahead of themselves, to go beyond their emotions and touch the lives of others, to not complain when things seem to be going wrong, to work so others can have fun, to accept the challenges and hardships of adulthood and not go back. It is not easy to do those things and make that decision.

You have to be fully determined if you are going to earn the title adulthood. That title is not earned over night, or in a week, or a month, it often takes many years to reach that point. You have to go and go even when you do not fit into the camp of adulthood or that of a adolescent, and believe me you will fit into neither camp for awhile if you chose to earn the title of adult. It is challenging and lonely to earn the title and it is challenging and lonely for a long time, but if you preserve you will get there. You maybe alone as your peers may not follow you but overall I believe it is worth it.

There is a lot more to adulthood than I have written here, some of it I am still figuring out, some is challenging to put into words, it is an interesting adventure to discover from experience what an adult is. Overall I am enjoying it through it’s challenges and rough times. Adults are a gift from God to everyone on earth to keep things in order and bless the younger generation. I am grateful God gave us adults and that I can become one.

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