"Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize?...Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. I therefore so run, not as uncertainly;" 2 Cor 9:24-26

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness…so they say

Posted by Emma on March 19, 2012 | Filed under: Christianity,Daily Thought

So, I’ve been cleaning house recently and this set me to thinking. If you came into our house it would probably not take you long to see that we were religious, and you could probably label that religion as Christianity. On a shelf in the living room are several Bibles, there is a hymnal on the piano, pictures with verses on them hang on the walls, and many christian books are on the bookshelves in various rooms. But how does the rest of the house align with those items?

Undoubtably, for most of you, someone could walk into your room and say that you are a Christian. At least if your room is anything like mine. A Bible is sitting on my desk, actually more than one; scripture verses are scattered throughout the room; Christian books are on the selves. My room reflects my interests, the biggest of which is God. That is how it should be.

Our rooms should reflect who we are, and we should reflect who God is. Which naturally begs the question how does my room reflect God? Does a few Bibles, some scripture verses, and a couple of Christian books reflect God? They can. They can say that the person who lives here is a “christian”. They can say that the person who lives here cares about God, even loves God. But what happens when my room is a disaster? When I have been so busy that I have not taken time to put things away or when I am lazy and scatter things all over the room? (Yes, this does happen at times.) How about when I have too much stuff so it does not fit neatly in my room?

Those were the questions that came into my head while I was cleaning and I came to the conclusion that it leaves a bad testimony on God. It says “here lives a lazy, irresponsible, uncaring person who has the outward trappings of a Christian”. Pretty harsh, I know, but that is the truth.

1 Corinthians 14:33 tells us that God is not a God of confusion, or disorder as one translation puts it. If God is not disorderly, He must be orderly. We are suppose to reflect Christ, who is God, so we should be people of order. Not hard logic. This should translate into every area of our lives including where we live.

As Christians we should be the most organized people on earth. Far to often, I find that Christians are average, if that. Young people are the worst for being organized. Most people recognize that. But what would happen, if Christian young people stood up and said, “I’m going to reflect God. I’m going to be organized.” I think parents, peers, and other people would stop and stare. Think of the testimony it could be! And think of the testimony you are giving when your room is in disorder.

So, next time you take a piece of clothing off and are tempting to just throw it on the floor, think again and reflect God. Next time you have a stack of stuff you do not know what to do with, don’t just leave it in a pile, reflect God. Next time you are in a hurry and want to just toss that book, or paper, or whatever on your desk, don’t do it, reflect God. Make sure your Christianity is not tainted by mess and disorder and make sure your testimony is not marred by the state of your room. Reflect God. 

Thoughts From Years Ago

Posted by Emma on March 15, 2012 | Filed under: Christianity,Daily Thought

It is interesting how things change or stay the same over the years. I was looking through a journal and found something I wrote six years ago. I still think the same thing today.

“We should never get ourselves tied down in one place, but we should always be ready to move no matter how old we are. Abraham was 75 before God told him to travel . Just think what would have happened if he had said, ‘I’m too old. I have a nice home, which I’ve worked all my life for. I can’t leave it.’ That would have been disastrous. We should always be ready to do whatever God tells us no matter what the cost.”