Leap Off a Cliff

Posted by Emma on February 29, 2012 at 12:14 am | Filed under:Christianity,Daily Thought,Faith,Holidays

Today is special because it is a leap day, a day that happens only once every four years. So, why not take a leap of faith on this day?

This is a concept I have been pondering for about a week. If you are a Christian most likely you want to grow closer to the Lord. I know I do. Faith is necessary to draw near to Him. In my experience the best way to develop faith is to leap out and start doing something. It is like a little child jumping off a wall into their father’s arms. The child jumps out in faith, believing that their father will catch them. And he does. We also need to jump out of our comfort zones into our heavenly Father’s arms. Sometimes it may seem like you are jumping off the edge of the Grand Canyon, but God will catch you and hold you. The more often you leap, the more sure of His presences you will be and the more faith you will have.

It can be a challenge to decided how to jump out in faith. Here are some options that you could consider. They will not be right for everyone but perhaps they can get you thinking.

  • Give all your money away. What better way to trust God than have to rely on Him for all of your needs. If you seek Him, He promises to provide. (Matt 6:31-33)
  • Share the Gospel with someone. For some of us talking to a stranger, or even someone we know, is scary. Step past that and speak God’s words.
  • Get involved in a new ministry. Maybe a ministry at your church, a rescue mission, a crisis pregnancy center, an after school program, or something else. There are many places you can minister, find one.
  • Be friendly to someone who is different than you. We are all made in God’s image and inside we are similar. You never know the good you can do or the blessing you will receive when you be friend someone who is different than you are. This could be someone at your church, school, work, or grocery store. Maybe it is a homeless person, someone of another nationality, a drug addict, or just an average American who wears a different style than you do. Jesus was friends with Pharisees and tax collectors. He knew no bonds of society and in Him there are no lines of divisions.
  • Go deeper with God. Your leap of faith maybe taking a step God has shown you to take or just taking time to seek Him. If you know you need to spend more time focusing on Him why not start doing that today. You could fast from food for a day to several days or give something up for a while. The amount of time we can free to spend with the Lord if we just give up social media, books, the TV, movies, entertainment, the internet or our downtime is amazing. Give something up and spend the time with God.

Again, these are just suggestions. You may have something you know God is telling you to do but you are not quite ready to do it yet. What better day to start? One of these may be something you want to do. Good, do it! Or you may have another idea for a leap of faith. Go for it!

So what leap are you going to take today?

3 Responses to “Leap Off a Cliff”

  1. Michelle M. Says:

    Hey Emma,

    Each time I read your posts, I am very encouraged and challenged. Thank you again for being a vessel for Jesus. :)

  2. Abbi Says:

    Thanks for sharing Emma :)
    What a great encouragement and challenge for the day and year!
    I hope you enjoy your leap of faith this day!

  3. Joy Vanderhoff Says:

    Hey Emma,

    This was really neat to read today because it is exactly was I was pondering last night as I read a chapter called “Take Great Risks” in “Good to Great in God’s Eyes.” So it was really neat and encouraging to basically have that concept backed up when I read what you wrote about faith. Keep on keeping on!