A Reputation Like Noah

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“These are the offspring of Noah—Noah was a righteous man, perfect in his generation; Noah walked with God…Noah did according to everything God commanded him, so he did.” Genesis 6:9,22

These verses bookend God’s telling Noah to build an ark and the story of why Noah is building that ark. The first verse describes a pretty good reputation; a reputation most of us would like to have. The last verses gives the key to that type of reputation. Do everything God commands. All of it. No questions asked. The fact that Noah did all God commanded is repeated to emphasize that point. This is a key fact.

Lots of people breeze over the key fact verse 22 gives us. They say that Noah’s reputation is because he knows God, he walks with God, he is a righteous man. But how does he know God, how does he walk with God, why is he a righteous man? I suggest it is because he does all that God commanded him.

“And by this we know that we have come to know him, if we keep his commandments.” 1 John 2:3

“Whoever keeps his commandments abides in God, and God in him.” 1 John 3:24a

Knowing God and keeping His commandments, go hand in hand. You cannot have the one without the other. If you know God you will want to keep His commandments. If you keep His commandments you will know God. They work together. You can never truly have one without the other.

Some people may argue that you can do what God commands but not truly have your heart in it or not be right with God. Basically they are saying you can do what He says but not know Him. I do not believe this can be the case and I can prove by looking at one command of God. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

How can you love God and not know Him? This is impossible. This is the greatest commandment. It is one of two commandments that sum up all of God’s commandments. Can you keep even most of God’s commandments but not this one? No, you cannot.

Noah walked with God; He did what God commanded him. Imagine you are walking with a king, but you do not do what the king commands. How long would you be able to walk with him? It is the same way with God. If we walk with him we have to do what he commands. Noah was righteous because he obeyed God’s commands. The reputation described in Genesis 6:9 comes from obeying God’s commands, and not just some of them, all of them.

Walk God’s way, doing all His commands and you will be known as righteous & blameless, at least God will know you as that.

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