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Today is the ninth of Av. This is a day of fasting and mourning for the Jewish people. A long line of sorrows have occurred to them on this day starting with the destruction of the first temple. 100,000 Jews were slaughter by the Babylonians and millions more were exiled. Some 400 years later, the second temple was also destroyed on this day. This time around two million Jews died and another one million were exiled. About 70 years later the Bar Kochba revolt was crushed by the Romans, killing over 100,000 Jews. The next year the Romans plowed the Temple mount and Jerusalem, the city where God placed His name, was rebuilt as a pagan city. The first crusade, which killed tens of thousands of Jews, was declared by Pope Urban II. On this day in 1290 Jews were expelled from England, and again in 1492 they were expelled from Spain. World War 1 began on this day in 1914 which ultimately lead to Hitler’s Third Reich and the slaughter of millions. The ninth of Av, 1942, found the Germans beginning the deportation of the Warsaw Ghetto to the consecration camps, no one knows how many were murdered.

So what is the point of all this? Obviously, the ninth of Av has been a terrible day for the Jews. But so what?

There are a couple different thoughts that come to me as I read this tragic list of events.

Thought One: Why have all these horrors happened to the Jewish people? I think there a few reasons. I am not God, so ultimately I can never fully answer that questions, but God has given us insights.

It is clear from Scripture, that the first temple was destroyed because the Jews turned away from God and served pagan idols. Likewise, the second temple was destroyed when the Jews turned away from Jesus, God’s son. This may not be the only reason for the destruction of the Second Temple, but I think it is part of the reason. The crushing of the Bar Kochba revolt is for the similar reasons. Simon Bar Kochba, the leader of that revolt claimed to be the Messiah and the Jews went after him, denying Jesus, the true Messiah.  So at least some of these tragedies are because the people of Israel turned from their God and He brought disaster on them in order to chastise and bring them back to HIm.

When you look at the course of history, you notice that whenever the Jewish people start assimilating with the Gentiles, something happens to them. God called the Jews to be His people, set apart and holy. When they forget that calling, God chastises them. Could this perhaps be the reasons for the expulsions from England and Spain? The reason for the German’s attack against them during World War 2?

The final reason these troubles have befallen the Jews is because they are the people of God. Satan knows this. He will take any opportunity to attack them because it is an attack at God. So for some of these terrible events, maybe the Jews did nothing to deserve it. Satan may have attacked them because they are God’s people and he hates God and all that are God’s.

Thought Two: What is this day to me? I’m not Jewish. This is a day for the Jews to consider the sins that led to the destruction of the temple. I may not be Jewish, but I can still turn from God to worship other things.  So for me, it is a day to consider what am I worshiping besides God? What in my life have I placed above God?

This is a day to reflect. I can reflect on my life. As a servant and disciple of Jesus, God’s son, I am called to be holy & set apart. Am I fulfilling this calling? Where am I starting to look like the world? How I have assimilated into the culture?

This is a day to mourn. I can mourn the destruction of the temples. What happened was sorrowful. I can mourn the tragedies that have happened to the people of God. I can mourn the fact that the Jews have yet to fully recognize the true Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Finally, this is a day to pray. I can pray for the people of Israel who are still under attack. I can pray that they will recognize Jesus the true Messiah. I can pray for complete restoration of Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the temple.

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