Shutting Up The Little Voice

Posted by Emma on August 18, 2011 at 10:52 pm | Filed under:Attitude,Daily Thought,Perspective

Your perspective and attitude make a huge difference in the way things go during your life.

I was thinking about this fact today. My father and brothers got the chance to go tailgate at the baseball game. I was very happy for them. Circumstances had my mother away from the home this morning so it fell to me to get everything gathered and ready for the boys to take. I did not mind doing this at all, and had the help of one of my brothers as a bonus.

During the afternoon I worked around the house on various projects. When they got home naturally I went out to the kitchen to hear their stories from the day. They carried everything into the kitchen and then my father started getting dinner ready for the brother, who had to leave in a few minutes to teach summer mission clubs, and the other boys were telling my mother about the afternoon. I saw that the tailgating stuff needed put away so I happily pitched in and started cleaning it up.

While I was doing this, a little voice crept into my mind asking why I was putting the stuff away, saying it was not fair, that I had worked most the day for the family and that one of the boys should be cleaning up from their mess. It started complaining about the work I was doing. For a brief second it crept in, with it’s messed up facts, and started stealing my joy. That caused me to stop and think. I had been perfectly happy to put stuff away, I had no resentment, only joy as I was working. Now, with this little voice, my joy was leaving and wrong feelings were taking its place. I recognized this was wrong. So I shut that little voice up, told myself it was for the family that I was doing this, to be a blessing, and to serve the Lord. Instantly, my joy came back and I finished the job, happy that I could do something for team Kordik.

This incident caused me to ponder joy and serving willingly. It showed me how much your attitude effects the task you are doing. Had I listened to that little voice, which was probably Satan, I would have ended up feeling sorry for myself, being resentful, and grumpy. I would not have blessed the family and it could not have been service to the Lord. Because I refused to listen, but chose to do the work with joy, I was happy, I, hopefully, blessed the family, and I was serving my Lord. It is essential to keep a good attitude in all we do.

A good attitude is easier to keep when you have the right perspective. That little voice was trying to get me to change my perspective. It wanted me to look at what I was doing as unfair and someone else’s responsibility. That was not the right perspective. The right perspective was that it was a job I could do to help team Kordik succeed, to bless others. By choosing to have the right perspective I kept the right attitude.

You can choice the perspective you have on life and the attitude you approach life with. You choice whether you will complain or whether you will have joy. You choice whether you are going to be resentful or whether you will serve for God. These are things we can control and we must. We must have an attitude that is God honoring. Complaining is not God honoring, being resentful is not God honoring, thinking just of ourselves is not God honoring. Joy is God honoring, being a blessing is God honoring, serving others is God honoring, at least it is when coupled with joy and the right attitudes.

So, Choice a Godly perspective. Shut up lying voices. Always have joy. 

One Response to “Shutting Up The Little Voice”

  1. Michelle M Says:

    Thank you for sharing Emma. So often we are challenged with how we will approach a situation. And so often the wrong perspective is Satan trying to bring us down. It is why God says in Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the LORD always, and again, I say rejoice.”
    Thanks again for the reminder, what a wonderful and powerful testimony.