When will God Comfort Me?

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“Mine eyes fail for thy word, saying when wilt thou comfort me?” Psalm 119:82

As we enter this section of the Psalm, we start seeing more sorrow and despair in the psalmist. Up until now, for the most part, he has held onto the promises of God and sounded secure in them. This verse and the ones following it seem to have a slightly different tone.

The first word in this verse is כלו (calu). It is the same word that started off verse 81. This verb means at an end, spent, waste away, be exhausted, fail. It is reaching the end and having just about nothing left. The next word is עיני (yeena) which means eye. The psalmist is saying that his eyes are failing or wasting away.

The root of the word לאמרתך (le’imeratecha) means utterance, speech, word. This is especially talking about God’s word, his commands and promises as found in the Bible. The ל (lamed) at the beginning of the word means for.

The word לאמר (leemor) is a verb meaning utter or say. This is followed by מתי (mata) which means when. The final word in this verse is תנחמני (tenachamany). It is a verb meaning comfort or console.

The Psalmist’s eyes are failing for God’s words and His promises. As they waste away, they are asking when God will comfort him. It seems the psalmist’s eyes have been looking to God’s word and His promises and now they are exhausted. They are asking when they will see the promises in God’s word fulfilled and be comforted.

Often times we feel the same way. When you go through difficult times you look to God’s word for comfort, you cling to His promises, but bit by bit you get tired as the pressures and trials keep coming at you. You start wondering will you see those promises fulfilled and start asking when will God comfort me? I know I have gone through this at times. When there seems to be no relief you start wondering when will you see God’s promises, when will He comfort me? Sometimes our faith wanes and we wonder if He will comfort us.

The psalmist still has faith in God. He is not asking will you comfort me? He is saying, when will you comfort me? He knows God is still in control and that God will be true to His promises and God will comfort His children. God is in control. We must never forget that. God does comfort His children, it is just not always in our time. Sometimes God wants to refine us like gold before comforting us.

When you are going through hard times, do not despair and say will you comfort me? Ask, when will you comfort me. God is faithful. To quote someone I know, “God is good and God is sovereign. If God is good then it is going to be okay.”  I know God is good. I know God is sovereign. And I know that if God is good and He is sovereign it is going to be okay. Trust that and ask God when He will comfort you,  because if you keep true to Him, He will comfort you in His timing.

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