Hope in the Word

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“My soul fainteth for thy salvation: but I hope in thy word.” Psalm 119:81

This verse begins the eleventh section of this Psalm. All the verse in this section will begin with the letter כ (caph).

The first word in this verse is כלתה (caletah) which is a verb meaning at an end, spent, accomplished. In this verse it carries a sense of wasting away, being exhausted. It is having done all and being at the end, worn out.

The next word is לתשועתך (litesu’atecha). The ל (lamend) at the beginning is the preposition for. The main word is a noun meaning deliverance, salvation. Here it is talking about salvation, spiritual salvation. This is God’s salvation that we are discussing.

The word נפשי (naphesee) means soul, life, a person. It is translated into English as soul in a lot of places but as life in some. Your soul is your life, you die when your soul leaves your body. Our bodies are mortal, are souls will be immortal. They will live on, either with God or in torment away from God. The psalmist wanted to be with God.

The nest word לדברך (lidevarecha) is a noun meaning thy word. This is God’s word. His divine communication to us, found throughout the Bible. Again, the ל (lamend) at the beginning of this word means for.

The final word in this verse is the verb יחלתי (yichalety) which means wait for or hope for. The different translations I have looked at all translate this word as hope in this verse.

The psalmist is exhausted, spent, for God’s salvation. His soul is tired, and he wants that salvation that God offers. But he knows where to find rest for his soul. He hopes for God’s word. God’s word can give us rest and bring salvation from many things.

Although, I think the psalmist is talking about God’s word literally here, I do not think it is far fetched to see the Messianic meaning to this verse. Jesus is called the Word in John. Jesus is the living word of God. He is the one who gives us salvation. We hope in Him for our salvation. When our souls are exhausted, Jesus, the living Word, can bring us salvation and restore our souls. We must trust in Him.

We also should hope in the written word of God, the Bible. There is much comfort to be found in that book. I know it has often comforted and given rest to my soul when it was tired, spent seeking God for salvation from a little problem. God gives us rest through the living Word and His written word. Hope in God’s word. Hope in God’s promises. Hope in Jesus.

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