A Definition of a Good Friend

Posted by Emma on February 2, 2011 at 6:53 pm | Filed under:Christianity,Friendship,Psalm 119,Studying the Word

“Let those that fear thee turn unto me, and those that have known thy testimonies.” Psalm 119:79

The first word in this Psalm is ישובו (yasuvu) which is a verb meaning turn back, return. In this verse it is talking about human relations, returning to someone. The next word is לי (ly). I could not find a definition for this word. The word יראיך (yere’echa) is a verb meaning fear. In this verse it means to reverence or honor someone. It is a holy, proper fear.  The form of the word shows that means to fear You, that you being God. The word וידעו (veyade’u) is also a verb meaning know. The ו (vav) at the beginning of the word means and. The final word in this verse is עדתיך (edotecha) which means thy testimonies. These are God’s testimonies, His words in the Bible and those things He would have us do.

The Psalmist is asking that godly people return unto Him. I do not know why they had left him or if he is just asking for godly people to come to him for the first time. It is important for us to be surrounded by godly people. The people who are your friends, especially your close friends, will affect your character. It cannot be escaped. We must have good friends, godly friends who will build us up and push us closer to God. We should ask that these people come to us.

There are two characteristics that make up the people the psalmist wants around him. First, they fear God. To fear God is to honor and reverence Him. It is to be in relationship with Him and have HIm above all else. Much as been written about the fear of God and much is said about it in the Bible. It is being focused on God and always remembering that He is the highest authority and treating HIm as such. The second characteristic of these people is that they know God’s testimonies. If they know them and fear God, we can assume they are doing them. It does little good to have a mental knowledge of God’s testimonies. If we do not have experiential knowledge and heart knowledge they are next to worthless to us. We must do God’s testimonies, study His words and know what they mean so that we can really know God. As you do what God tells you, you better understand the character of God.

This verse defines what a good friend looks like. There is a lot more to a good friend then what is addressed in this verse, but fearing God and knowing His words is the basis for a good friend. It is important to have God-fearing people who know God’s testimonies around you, but it is also important that you are that type of person for others. Know God’s testimonies. Fear God. Encourage others.

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