God’s lovingkindness as our Comfort

Posted by Emma on January 26, 2011 at 10:39 am | Filed under:Christianity,Love,Psalm 119,Studying the Word

“Let, I pray thee, thy merciful kindness be for my comfort, according to thy word unto thy servant.” Psalm 119:76

The first word in this verse is יהי. I could not find a definition for this word, but I am guessing based on the different translations of this verse that it must have to do with the word let. The next word in this verse is נא (na) which means pray or entreat.

The word חסדך (chasedecha) means thy goodness or thy kindness. It is talking about God’s lovingkindness towards humans. It is amazing that a Lord as big as our God would love us enough to care about each of us. God’s lovingkindness is an incredible thing.

The word לנחמני (lenachameeny) begins with a ל (lamed) which means for or to. The root word is a verb meaning comfort or console. The root of the word כאמרתך (ce’imeratecha) means utterances or words. The כ (caph) at the beginning of the word means according to. The final word in this verse is (take out later) לעבדך (le’avedacha). This word also begins with a ל (lamed) meaning to or for. The root word means servant or salve.

The Psalmist is entreating God to let His lovingkindness be for a comfort to Him. Why? Because of the words God said to His servant. It appears that God spoke with the Psalmist, His servant, and told him that His lovingkindness would be a comfort. God’s lovingkindness can be a comfort for us. It has been a comfort for me many times. When you are needing to be comforted or are going through hard times, pray and ask God to let his kindness be your comfort according to His word. His lovingkindness is seen throughout the Bible as a comfort for people, make it your comfort.

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