Delighting and Compassion

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“Let thy tender mercies come unto me, that I may live: for thy law is my delight.” Psalm 119:77

The first word in this verse is יבאוני (yevo’uny) which means come. The next word is רחמיך (rachamecha) which means thy compassion, talking about God’s compassion. The word ואחיה (ve’acheyeh) starts with a ו (vav) which means and. The root of the word is a verb meaning live.

The conjunction כי (cy) means that, for or when. The word following it is תורתך(toratecha) which means thy direction, instruction, or law. These are God’s directions, His instructions for us. These are the things that we are suppose to do and they make up the whole Bible. The final word in this verse is  שעשעי (sa’asu’a) which means delight.

The Psalmist is asking God to let His compassion come on Him. We all need God’s compassion on us, without we shall end up a failure and spending eternity in hell. God allows His compassion to come on us through the person of His Son, but even after salvation, we should ask God each day to send His compassion on us. We need it every hour of every day.

The Psalmist feels he can make this request of God because he delights in God’s law, His instructions. The word delights means a high degree of gratification of mind; an extreme satisfaction; joy. The Psalmist is satisfied by God’s law and has joy in it. Are you satisfied in God’s law? Do take joy in the direction God has given us in the Bible? How do you show God that you are thankful for His compassion? We do not delight in God’s word to become worthy of God’s compassion, nothing we do could make us worthy, it is only through Christ that we can dare ask for it. We delight in God’s words and instruction to show our appreciate for God’s compassion which He has given us in the form of salvation and countless other blessings.

Do delight in God’s law as a way of showing Him thanks?

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