Thoughts from a Basketball Game

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I went to a Bucks game last night. For those of you who do not know, the Bucks are Milwaukee’s Basketball team. Several things struck me throughout the evening and one of them I decided to comment on.

As we were watching the players warm up, one of my brothers commented to me that Basketball players are some of the best played sports players.  This set my brain to thinking about how much professional athletes are paid. It’s a whole lot. As I was pondering this questions popper into my mind.

Why aren’t Christian “athlete’s” paid the same as professional athletes?

By Christian “athletes” I do not mean Christians who play basketball, football, baseball, etc. I mean Christians who are seriously running the race of life. Those would be your missionaries, pastors, and others in full time Christian service. They get paid next to nothing compared to secular athletes and yet they are playing for eternity.

How many Christians would pay 60+ dollars for a close seat at a missionary convention or to hear a preacher speak?

Not very many. Yet a lot of Christians are willing to pay that much for a good seat at a sports game. We are not willing to pay much to hear what these Christians are doing or listen/watch as they seek to draw us closer to God. It is shameful that most of us are not willing to pay that much to spend an evening drawing closer to God and being spiritual encouraged but we will pay to sit back and watch a sports event that will not count for anything a year from now, not to mention eternity.

How many Christians long to have an item that is signed or used by a missionary or pastor, or better yet Jesus Christ?

Maybe one in a thousand, at least of the Christians I know. Yet how many of us clamber for a baseball that flies into the stand or would give a lot to have a football signed by a great player on our favorite team? I think a lot of Christians would. We want the sports memorabilia. We are willing to pay to own hats and jerseys for our favorite team. I do not think I’ve ever seen anyone walking around wearing a shirt with the name of a missionary printed across the back of it or a hat that a pastor signed. I’m not necessarily advocating that we start doing this. I’m just wondering why we proclaim the names of these athletes who live less than honorable lives to the world but do not proclaim the names of Christians who live more than honorable lives. A question to ponder is how many Christians would take a Bible signed by Jesus over a football signed by their favorite big name player?

When do you hear Christians discuss the stats of their favorite missionaries?

Quite often we have conversations about how our favorite sports team or athlete are doing, what points they are scoring and so on, but rarely do people talk about what their favorite missionaries or pastors are doing or how many converts they have and so on. We should be able to talk about those important facts far more readily than sport facts. I think part of the problem with having those discussions is that Christians do not have a missionary or pastor they are routing for. If you do not know missionaries, get to know some. Find out what they are doing and know their stats so you can discuss them.


Why is this so? Why is the state of things as it is? Why can Christians pay to go to a game and not give a cent to missions?

Because our loves are mixed up. “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.” Rev 2:4

We are focused on the things of this world and enjoying ourselves now and we have forgotten about the world to come and what matters then. We live in the now and do not give a thought for eternity. Brothers and sisters this is shameful and wrong. Our eyes should be looking heavenward. Our fist love must be the Lord Jesus Christ and not self and our personal entertainment during our short space on earth.

So I challenge you:

  • Next time you pay to go to a sports game give the same amount to a Christian who is ministering. I’m not against sports, I like them as well as the next guy but I think we need to keep them in their proper place.
  • Next time some one ask you to pay to go to a Christian function do so gladly knowing you pay to go the the games.
  • Get some missionaries and pastors to rout for.
  • Post there stats in your status and see what people say, if they even comment.
  • Next time you find yourself in a sports conversation turn it to missions and see what happens.

In simple, see to it that our Christian heros and “athletes” are treated as we treat the professional sports players and paid the same. The Christian “athletes” play for eternity, they deserve it.

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