Ten Rules for Living

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As the New Year roles in many people will be making New Year’s resolutions. Some people will keep theirs all year but most will only keep them for a few weeks, a month or two at the most. New Year’s resolutions can be a good thing. I’ve made some different years, always ones I could keep, and they have improved my life. I was recently reading and came across this list of ten rules for living which Heinrich Bullinger gave his son, Henry, when he went to college. I am considering making this list my New Year’s resolutions for 2011. I am sure that if I strove to keep them all year I would not be sorry, but I know I can not keep them without God’s help.

Ten Rules for Living

  1. Fear God at all times, and remember that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.
  2. Humble yourself before God, and pray to him alone through Christ, our only Mediator and Advocate.
  3. Believe firmly that God has done all for our salvation through His Son.
  4. Pray above all things for a strong faith active in love.
  5. Pray that God may protect your good name and keep you from sin, sickness, and bad company.
  6. Pray for the fatherland, for your dear parents…for the spread of the Word of God.
  7. Be reticent, be always more willing to hear than to speak, and do not meddle with things you do not understand.
  8. Study diligently…Read daily three chapters of the Bible.
  9. Keep your body clean and unspotted, be neat in your dress, and avoid above all things intemperance in eating and drinking.
  10. Let your conversation be decent, cheerful, moderate.

Are you making New Year’s Resolutions? If so what?

Taken from the book On This Day in Christian History

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    These are my New Year’s resolutions: 1. Listen – assistance, challenge and listen to my inner self and others. 2. Patience – Have far more patience, God grant me the? serenity to accept the things I can’t alter, the courage to alter the things I can as well as the wisdom to know the distinction. three. Yoga-honor my body as a gift from God enjoying and celebrating with breath and movement. yeah 4. Organize- Fantastic CD titled “Getting Things Done” assists me 5. Church Lessons-Doing the best I can with the abilities I presently have.