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“Their heart is as fat as grease; but I delight in thy law.” Psalm 119:70 (KJV)

“Their heart is unfeeling like fat, but I delight in your law.” Psalm 119:70 (ESV)

The first obvious question to be asked when reading this verse is whose heart is being likened to fat? To find the answer to that question we must go back to the previous verse, “the proud have forged a lie against me: but I will keep thy precepts with my whole heart.” Psalm 119:69. It is the proud whose heart is being likened to fat. If you read my comments on that verse you will probably remember that the word for proud means insolent, ungodly, rebellious men. It is this group of people that the first part of the verse is talking about.

The first word of this verse is טפש (taphash), which is a verb meaning be gross. Fat is pretty gross, especially if you just have a glop of it. The next word is כחלב (cachelev) which means fat. The כ (caph) at the beginning of the word means like or as. לבם (libam) is a noun meaning inner man, mind will, heart. These insolent people have hearts that are gross like fat. That is not how I would want my heart described.

אני (ani) is the pronoun I. It seems to indicate that the speaker is indenting to do something. The word תורתך (toraticah) means thy direction, instructions, or laws. These are the things God has laid out in the Bible for us to do. We should do them all and not just pick and choice the ones that sound nice or are convenient. The final word in this verse is שעשעתי (she’asha’eti), a verb meaning take delight in. The Psalmist delights in God’s law. He finds pleasure in it and enjoyment. He loves God’s law. We should be delighting in God’s law, after all it tells us about who He is and what He wants us doing. It is very precious.

A gross heart that can be compared to fat is not something any of us should want. People are always trying to get rid of fat, but how many people get rid of the “fats” that might be in their hearts. Those “fats” could be wrong thoughts, bad ideas, or wickedness. The Psalmist says that he delights in God’s law. When we delight in God’s law it will keep our hearts from becoming polluted and gross. We must soak ourselves in God’s law so that our hearts will be full of the Bible, then they will be beautiful rather than disgusting, and we will loss the “fats” that may be there. Delight in God’s law and have a beautiful heart. Get rid of the gross “fats” that may have slipped into your heart. Become like the Master, pure and complete.

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