Ask the Greatest Teacher to Teach You

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“Teach me good judgement and knowledge: for I have believed thy commandments.” Psalm 119:66

The Psalmist truly desires God to teach him. This is not the first time in Psalm 119 where we find a request for God to be doing the teaching. God is the greatest teacher out there, we should all want Him to instruct us.

The first word in this verse is טוב (tuv) which means good or goodness. Here it seems to be talking about the goodness of discernment. The word following it is טעם (ta’am) which means judgement, discretion, discernment. Discernment is a very good thing to have but can be a challenge to get. Being able to discern good and bad, the intentions of people, truth, and many other things is very helpful and nice, especially if you are a leader. We should all want good judgement and discernment, the judgement and discernment of the Lord. That is the only true goodness.

The next word is ודעת (vada’at). The ו (vav) at the beginning of the word means and. The main word means knowledge. Particularly, the knowledge possessed by God that He teaches to us. To learn His knowledge we must spend time with Him and in His word. We should ask God to teach us His knowledge, it is wonderful.

למדני (lamedini) is a verb meaning teach someone something. The Psalmist wants God to be the teacher and he will be the student. We should all want to be the students of God, but being in the class of God is not always easy. It is however worth it. Life is a classroom and God will teach us as we live with Him. How well we learn is up to us. Let God teach you and be a quick learner.

The word כי (ci) is a conjunction meaning that or for. It denotes a reason that the next part is coming. This is why the Psalmist wants God to teach him good discernment and knowledge.

במצותיך (bemitzvotecha) has a ב (beit) at the beginning meaning in. The main word means thy commandments. These are the commands of God found in the Bible. The final word of this verse is  האמנתי (he’emaneti), a verb meaning trust or believe. The Psalmist believes in God’s commands and that is why he wants God teaching Him.

If we believe in the Son of God, we should want God to teach us. God is the possessor of true knowledge and good discernment and judgement. We should want to learn from the best and the only true source of that learning. Ask God to teach you, then have your ears and eyes open as a willing learner. Do not ask God if you do not mean it, but if you mean it, ask and expect to receive God’s instructions. Learn from the greatest teacher of all, the Lord, and you will not regret that you learned.

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