Who are Your Companions?

Posted by Emma on April 30, 2010 at 3:26 pm | Filed under:Bible,Christianity,Friendship,Psalm 119,Studying the Word

“I am a companion of all them that fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts.” Psalm 119:63

Who your companions are says a lot about who you are and who you will be. Those you spend time with will effect who you are a year from now and even five years from now. We should be careful about who we make our close friends. I’m not saying we should not spend any time with people who are not solid Christians, Jesus ate with sinners, but we should be careful who we make our closest companions and best friends.

The first word in this verse חבר (chaver) which means companion, associate, fellow, implying likeness of character. You will start becoming like those who spend time with and will pick up things from them. The next word is  אני (ani) which means I. This is the Psalmist.

The word  לכל (lechal) starts with a ל (lamed) that means to. The main word means all, the whole. אשר (asher) is a connecting link with no equivalent in English. it is translated many different things, in this verse it is translated who or that depending on the translation you have.

יראוך (yeree’ucha) is a verb meaning fear, reverence, honor. We should fear God. This is different than being afraid or scared of Him. This type of fear is a reverence. I think few of us truly reverence God has He should be revered.

The word ולשמרי (nuleshomeri) begins with a ו (vav) that means and. The main word means to keep, watch, preserve. This is to keep God’s commands diligently and faithfully. This word has been used several times in Psalm 119 already and if you have been reading my notes you are probably familiar with it. The final word in this verse is פקודיך (phikudecha) which means thy precepts. These are the things God has prescribed for us to do.

The Psalmist tells us that his companions are those who reverence God and keep His precepts. That is who we should make our companions and closest friends. If we spend time with people who fear God and obey His word, we will find ourselves strengthened in our walk, they will encourage us and push us further. We also need to be that type of person for others and push them closer to God. When your companion is a godly, faithful disciple of the Master both of you will benefit and push each other closer to God. Be careful who you choice for companions. Make sure those closest to you are solid in the Lord. Bless others and receive blessings from them.

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