Remember God at Night

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(I realized today that somehow this never got posted, so I’m posting it today.)

“I have remembered thy name, O Lord in the night, and have kept thy law.” -Psalm 119:55

This is an interesting verse. I am not sure why the Psalmist would mention night. It is important to remember God’s name all the time. Is there a special reason He remembers it at night?

The first word in this verse is זכרתי (zacareti) which means remember, to recall, to keep in mind. The Psalmist is keeping G_d’s name in his mind. The next word is בלילה (balarelah). The ב (beit) at the beginning means in. The main word means night, as opposed to the day.

The word שמך (shemcha) means thy name. This is what you are called. Whose name? God’s name.  יהוה (yud-hey-vav-hey) is the proper name of God. As I have mentioned before the actual pronunciation of this word was lost after the destruction of the second Temple. It is a holy name and we should be careful never to use it lightly.

ואשמרה (va’eshemerah) has a ו (vav) at the beginning of it meaning and. The main word is a verb meaning keep, watch, preserve. This word is often used in when talking about keeping God’s commands. I previously noted, it is more than just doing the commands. It is doing them faithfully, watching over them, and preserving them for future generations. God’s commands always apply to us. We should always be doing them.

The final word in this verse is תורתך (toratecha) which means thy direction, thy instructions. These are the things God has instructed and directed us to do. We should take pleasure in doing them.

I do not really know why the Psalmist remembers God’s name at night. It is good to remember it at night, we should remember God all the time. One possible reason is because night is often a time of evil. As Christians we are called out of the night and told to walk in the day. It is easy at night to think you can get away with sin. A lot of sin happens at night. We must remember God and keep His laws even at night. Although we may not be out at night, even at home we can get into sin. Late at night, everyone else is typically in bed, it is easy to think that no one will know what we are doing and do things that may be iffy. It is in those times that we must remember God and obey Him. That is an idea I had on why the Psalmist remembers God’s name at night. It may not be the only reason or even the main reason, but I think it is definitely a reason to consider and consider how it can apply to your life. So remember God at all times and obey Him always, but especially when you are alone and tempted to sin.

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