Thoughts from a Run

Posted by Emma on March 11, 2010 at 6:40 pm | Filed under:Analogies,Christianity,Daily Thought,Life's Race

I enjoy running. Recently, I have been working on building my endurance. It is not easy. The last stretch is always the hardest. My muscles are sore and usually I feel very out of air. However, that is usually the time when I have the most worthwhile thoughts.

I was running along yesterday and started thinking about how running in the physical world is like running the race for Christ. You have to work hard to build muscles, and stronger muscles do not come without soreness. So too in the race of faith, you will not build spiritual muscles without work and it is not easy. You have to keep pushing if you want to be able to run further distances. In the life of faith, you have to continually be pushing to climb higher, getting rid of sins, which are the weights that so easily beset us.

I find that it is a lot easier to run in the physical than in the spiritual, but the spiritual is so much more rewarding and far more worth it. It is easier to keep putting one foot in front of the other to get to a finishing point than it is to daily be fighting against sin and drawing closer to the Master. I realized yesterday that I need to look at my life as a big race and be as devoted to running it as I am to reaching my physical running goals. I must never give up. As long as I can keep fighting and moving forward and upward, I must. I intend to keep my eyes on Jesus and build spiritual muscles, reach higher places in my walk of faith. I want it said of me that I ran a good race for God.

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