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Posted by Emma on March 25, 2010 at 9:30 pm | Filed under:Bible,Christianity,Life's Race,Psalm 119,Studying the Word

“I will run the way of thy commandments, when thou shalt enlarge my heart.” -Psalm 119:32

This verse caught my attention because run is the third word. I enjoy running and I really like the concept of running the race of Christ. This verse goes along with running the race of Christ, it is part of running the race of Christ.

The first word in this verse is דרך (dereche) which means way, road, journey, distance or manner. Here it is talking about the way of God’s commandments. This is a path our journey of life should be overlapping.

The next word is מצותיך (mitzivotecha) which means your commandments. It is talking about God’s commands. These are the things He has instructed us to do. They are easy to find. Read your Bible and you will come across them. God was gracious to us and recorded His commands in the Bible. We have no excuse for not doing them.

ארוץ (arutz) means run. We all know how to run. Running is not always easy, but you must persevere if you would win. The analogies that can be drawn between running physically and running spiritually are many. Run the race for the Lord!

The word תרחיב (tarichiv) is a verb meaning enlarge. It is to make bigger, more open. What is being made bigger? The last word in this verse is לבי (liby) which is the inner man, your mind, will, and heart. It is your thoughts, your emotions, your affections, what you determine to do. Along with your soul it is the core of who you are. We should all want God to enlarge our hearts to Him. To give us more of a love for Him.

The Psalmist is stating that he will run the way of God’s commandments, but he wants God to enlarge His heart. We should all ask God to enlarge our hearts, to fill us with His love and let that love come out of us. The more we run God’s way, the closer we will be to Him. The closer we are to Him, the more He will dwell in us and our hearts will be enlarged. It all works together. We must do our part as He does His part, but it is only by His grace that we can even begin to do our part. Without Him we would be nothing, we must never forget that.

If you are saved, running the way of God’s commandments is running the race for Christ. Christ said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” (John 14:15) Jesus is God. The way of God’s commandments is the way of Jesus’ commands. If we love Jesus we should be eager to run in it. Run the way of God’s commandments. Ask God to enlarge your heart. Expect an answer.

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