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“Make me to go in the path of thy commandments; for therein do I delight.” -Psalm 119:35

What a wonderful prayer to pray. We truly do need God’s help to walk in His commandments.

The first word of this verse is הדריכני (haderichiny). The form of the verb used in this verse means to cause to tread or march, to lead. It is asking God to lead. It brings to my mind the image of a shepherd leading his flock along the way. Jesus is the Good Shepherd. We should allow Him to lead us in the way.

The next word is בנתיב (binitiv). The ב (beit) at the beginning of the word is the preposition in. The root word means path or pathway. It is talking about a figurative path. We should allow the Good Shepherd to lead us in this path.

The word מצותיך (mitzivoticha) means thy commandments. These are God’s commandments. The things He has instructed us to do. They are found throughout the Bible. God did not hide from us what He wants us to be doing. He laid it out. It can be summed up in two commands, love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. If you really look at it, the others all explain how to do these two. (This does not make all the others less important, it just puts things in a context.)

כי (chy) is a conjunction meaning that, for, or when. It is connected with the word  בו (bo). I could not find a good definition for  בו (bo), but it seems that it would be something along the lines of in, or therein. However I am not sure so do not take that as the actually Hebrew definition.

The final word in this verse is חפצתי (chaphatzity) which is a verb meaning delight in, take pleasure in. It is to enjoy something. To have joy as you are doing things. The Psalmist delights in the way of God’s commandments. He finds enjoyment and pleasure in them. They are not burdensome to him, but wonderful. We should look at God’s commands in the same light, they are not burdensome, but something to take pleasure and joy in. To truly delight in the path of God’s commandments is something to aspire for.

If you have believed in Jesus for your salvation, you have begun to walk God’s way. The question to ponder is, have you ever asked God to run your life, to lead you? Are you willing to be a sheep that is led by the Good Shepherd and obey His voice? Do you ask Him to lead you in the path of His commandments? We like to run our own lives, be our own masters. Generally humans do not like others telling them how to live and what they are to do. They like to walk the path of their own commandments, not another’s. It is hard to root out pride and submit to walk in God’s commandments. Few of us ever reach a point where we could say we delight in them. That is very sad. As Christians we should delight to do what God has told us to do. He has give us so much, we are indebted to Him. We must fight against our flesh and earnestly pray that God will lead us in the path of His commandments. We must seek to delight in His commandments, asking God to give us His joy as we do them. We must be completely sold our for the Lord. Delight yourself in the Lord and in His commands!

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