Ninety Degrees Fahrenheit

Posted by Emma on August 14, 2009 at 5:27 pm | Filed under:Perspective

Is ninety degrees fahrenheit hot? Is it comfortable? Is it unbearable? 

The answers to those questions would all depend on your perspective. I’ve been in Texas all summer helping out at the International ALERT Academy with the STEP program. Texas can be hot. This summer was no exception, it was hot, unusually hot. It was in the hundreds most days from the middle of June on. The heat index got above 110 many days. When the temperatures dropped the last week I was there into the nineties, it felt nice.

Then I came home to the north, where the summer was unusually cool. This past weekend, a few days after I got back, the temperatures were suppose to reach the nineties and everyone was commenting on how very hot it was going to be. I felt like laughing. 

How can it be that the nineties would be considered nice in one place and very hot in another? It all boils down to perspective. What your perspective on something is will change how you view things. Your perspective dramatically effects how you look at life. It effects your life. Things will seem good or bad depending on your perspective. You will see learning opportunities or failures depending on your perspective. You will succeed or fail at something depending on your perspective. I have found, if I consider ninety degrees to be nice, because it could be hundred or higher, than I will enjoy the day much better than if I look at ninety degrees as very hot. So how do you view ninety degrees?

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