What a Dandelion Can Show Us

Posted by Emma on April 30, 2009 at 8:20 pm | Filed under:Analogies,Christianity

I saw some dandelions today and it reminded me of something a wrote last year during dandelion season, so I pulled it out and decided to post it. 

What a Dandelion Can Show Us

dandelions1“A Dandelion?” You ask in surprise, “a dandelion is not pretty it’s not even a flower. It’s just a nasty weed.” “Yes, a dandelion,” I respond. “You are merely looking at it from behind colored glass. Glasses that have been colored by years of living. People have told you it’s a weed, you no longer look at it as anything beautiful, it’s something to be gotten rid of. But remember the early years of your childhood, or if you can’t remember look at the little girls and boys that are around. They love to pick the dandelions, make necklaces and boutiques out of them. They don’t consider them a good for nothing weed. They see something beautiful. There is something thrilling to a young one to have a field of dandelions to play in. Have you ever watched them? or perhaps there was a day in your past and you remember the delight of finding a field of dandelions during the spring and playing in them. What’s that you say, what am I getting at? I’ll tell you. I’m talking about a dandelion, that little good for nothing weed that infest your yard, only I’m telling you its not good for nothing. It is a beautiful flower. I’m off my rocker you say. Maybe. But ask the little girl who comes running with a big bouquet of them. She doesn’t think they are a good for nothing weed. In her eyes they are a beautiful flower. Ask the little boy who has gathered dozens of them and is taking them to his mother. He’s not going to say they’re a weed. His heart is filled with joy at the thought of how happy his mother is going to be to get these wonderful flowers. 

You see no beauty in them because your eyes are clouded over. Try and picture them through the eyes of an innocent child. What do you see? Something in which there is beauty but the knowledgeable miss it. It has been said ignorance is bliss. In some cases it is. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to enjoy life and see the simple pleasures, the beauty in a dandelion? Most people don’t see the simple beauty and blessings that come their way daily. They are to caught up in the busyness of life, they are looking through clouded glasses. When you take a moment and stop. When you look around you and see. When you listen and hear you will begin to see all the little things you missed, it will fill your heart with joy and you will find yourself praising God. 

  20090430erk0131 That was not were I was planning on going with this note. But it flowed to the quiet joys. I was actually going to talk of another way I see God and the christian life in a dandelions. Children find a special joy in dandelions because they are innocent and see them as a thing of beauty. We are told to have faith like a child. You see life differently when you have a simple faith. You are willing to take God at his word even when it doesn’t make sense. You see beauty in what others scoff at. You see other people’s needs differently as well. There are people out there who are like dandelions. Most people look at them as bad, something to be gotten rid of. But God sees them as humans He created and He loves them. As we conform to God and have a childlike faith we too will see them as things of beauty. Anything made in the image of God should be beautiful to our eyes, and we know that Christ died for them. But our eyes get clouded over as we lose the simple faith of a child and we start judging them, they looked bad to us, we want nothing to do with them. God doesn’t take that approach. He still loves the worst of sinner. We ought to look at people from God’s perspective with simple eyes and see the hidden beauty in them. 

When you take the time to look at a dandelion you realized that it is a complex flower, or weed. It is also pretty. If you really stop and study on you can understand what children find so delightful about them. But more importantly than stopping and looking at dandelions we need to stop and look at the people God’s created. Those “horrible sinners we want nothing to do with”. They are complex in their make up. They are beautiful through Christ’s cleansing work. There is much more to them than meets the eye. 

dandelions21“God, give me a childlike faith so that I may see the beauty in others and take delight in finding a field of “dandelions” that only need your transforming touch to become masterpieces of beauty. Give me your innocence and outlook on the world. Fill my heart with a passion for Thee, that I maybe set apart for Thee and may show the simple “dandelions” I meet how to become masterpieces that people will notice and see your beauty in. Most of all may I always keep you first and foremost. I know that will help me see life from your perspective and that is the best way to live. For Your glory and in Your Son, Jesus’, name, Amen.”

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