Actions and Effects

Posted by Emma on April 13, 2009 at 1:48 pm | Filed under:Daily Thought,Quotes,World Changer

“People should never underestimate the effect their actions can have on others, especially upon those who are closest to them and who are able to see whether their deeds are motivated by genuine dedication.”

When I read that it rang true. People watch us. We probably do not know everyone who watches us. If we knew people were always observing our actions, would we live differently? I would. The second part of the quote really stood out to me. I don’t generally think that those close to me will be effected by my actions. But it makes sense. They see more of the heart behind the action than anyone else. When those actions are motivated by genuine dedication to the Lord, it can make them stop and think. It is easy to play a part in front of those who do not know you, but it is hard in front of those who are close to you. Be real and act from a genuine dedication to God. If you are dedicated to God, He can use you in big ways. Do not forget or over look that fact. Live so that people are effected in a good way by your life!

One Response to “Actions and Effects”

  1. MEK Says:

    Would that we were always aware that Someone truly is always watching us!