Posted by Emma on March 23, 2009 at 10:38 pm | Filed under:Character,Daily Thought,Words

Encouragement is a powerful thing. I was feeling down this evening. Several mistakes I’ve made in the past showed themselves, again, and life seemed discouraging. While feeling down, I was reminded of the power of an encouraging word and a little praise through a short video I saw and personal experience as I felt the lift encouragement gives to your spirit. I was working on a project when I came across part of a note that was written to me over two and half years ago. It was just a few lines, but a few lines is all it takes. I treasure that note, it has encouraged me many times. The writer doesn’t know how much it has meant to me. A few encouraging and positive words can go a long way. You may never know how far your encouragement reaches and how long it has an influence. I know that I need to keep that mind and try to say more encouraging things to people.

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