Mighty Men

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I was reading in 2 Samuel today and came across the passage about David’s mighty men. I’ve always been fascinated with their adventures. Might and strength have always attracted me. I grew up despising weakness and admiring strength and power, but I admired physical strength and power. As I matured my view of strength and weakness changed. I still dislike, even at times despise, weakness in myself, but now it is spiritual weakness, weakness in character and mind. I still admire strength but it is spiritual strength and strength of character. David’s mighty men had strength. While reading chapter 23 (the chapter on the mighty men) I was wondering how it could apply to me, today, in the twenty-first century. I came to realize that the characteristics they displayed could be applied to my life.  Here are a few of the characteristics I saw that I could apply to my life.

1. The first of the mighty men mentioned is Adino a Tachmonite. Adino killed 800 men at one time with his spear. Killing 800 men at one time is no easy accomplishment. From this I  identified a few characteristics, mighty men aren’t afraid to risk a lot and do hard things, mighty men aren’t afraid when out-numbered and mighty men don’t stop. If I am to be mighty I must not be afraid of the cost or size of something. I must stop at nothing but victory and I must stand up and do hard things.

2. The second mighty man mentioned is Eleazar son of Dodo. He used his sword against the Philistines until it clung to his hand. When I read that I remembered that I also have a sword, the Sword of the Lord, which is the Word of God. I should use this sword until it becomes one with me.

3. The third man mentioned is Shammah. He stood his ground, when all the others ran away and defended  a plot of land. The Lord worked a great victory through him. He risked all to win. To be mighty, I must be willing to risk it all and I must stand my ground. I cannot run from the battle, if I want to win.  A mighty man defends his ground. There is ground in my life I can defend and I must if I wish to be called mighty. 

4. The greatest thing that all these men seemed to have is that they were willing to let God work through them. God is the one ultimately credited with the victories because He is the one who gave the strength to win them. If I am to be mighty I must let God work through me to win the victories. I cannot do it in my own strength or might. In the might of the Lord, I must go out and fight the Lord’s battles. 

Those are the three mightiest of David’s men. They fought alone and they fought together but they always fought for the Lord with His help. As I’m living and fighting I must be willing to fight alone and I must be willing to fight with others but I must always fight for the Lord, with His help. He is the one who ultimately gives strength and victory. I must rely on Him. “The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation.” Psalms 118:14

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